volutin granules

volutin granules

Microbiology. . 2009.

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  • volutin granules — see volutin …   Medical dictionary

  • volutin — A nucleoprotein complex found as cytoplasmic granules in certain bacteria, yeasts, and protozoa (such as trypanosome flagellates) which serves as food reserves. SYN: v. granules. * * * vo·lu·tin väl yə .tin, və lüt ən n a granular basophilic… …   Medical dictionary

  • volutin — /vol yeuh tin/, n. Cell Biol. basophilic nucleoprotein granules in the cytoplasm or the vacuoles of certain microorganisms. [ < G Volutin (1903), equiv. to (Spirillum) volut(ans) a species of bacteria + in IN2] * * * …   Universalium

  • volutin — ˈvälyəd.ə̇n, ətə̇n noun ( s) Etymology: German, from volut (from New Latin volutans specific epithet of the bacterium Spirillum volutans in which volutin was first found from Latin, rolling, tumbling, present participle of volutare to roll about …   Useful english dictionary

  • volutin granule — Metachromatic granules containing polyphosphate, a linear phosphate polymer found in bacteria, fungi, algae, and some higher eukaryotes that may serve as a stock of phosphate …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • metachromatic granules — (met ah kro mat ik) Granules of polyphosphate in the cytoplasm of some bacteria that appear a different color when stained with a blue basic dye. They are storage reservoirs for phosphate. Sometimes called volutin granules …   Dictionary of microbiology

  • granule — 1. A grainlike particle; a granulation; a minute discrete mass. 2. A very small pill, usually gelatin or sugar coated, containing a drug to be given in a small dose. 3. A colony of the bacterium or …   Medical dictionary

  • Acidocalcisome — Les acidocalcisomes sont des organites acides, arrondis et denses aux électrons. Riche en calcium et polyphosphate, ils font généralement entre 100 et 20 nanomètre de diamètre. Ils sont présentés comme étant présent dans tous les règnes du vivant …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Corynebacterium diphtheriae — Gram stained Corynebacterium diphtheriae culture Scientific classification Kingdom …   Wikipedia

  • bacteria — bacterial, adj. bacterially, adv. /bak tear ee euh/, n.pl., sing. bacterium / tear ee euhm/. ubiquitous one celled organisms, spherical, spiral, or rod shaped and appearing singly or in chains, comprising the Schizomycota, a phylum of the kingdom …   Universalium

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